Vehicle GPS Tracker With Free Realtime Anti-Theft App

Vehicle GPS Tracker, 4G/2G Car Locator With Relay JM-C41 Motorcycle Alarm 9-90V Waterproof  with Free Anti-theft App

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Realtime 4G LTE GPS Vehicle tracker is designed primarily for vehicle management. The ability to work on 9-90V input voltage allows for compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.


An advanced GPS antenna provides you with a strong signal acquisition and more accurate positioning ability. Designed with driving behavior analysis system and multiple alerts, it can increase driving safety and vehicle safety more effectively.

✅ Suit for all kinds of vehicles.

The device and App offer a complete set of services designed for monitoring any driver and person, detect reckless driving behavior, track fleet vehicles and cargoes in real-time, collect vehicle data, and more to help businesses achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

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